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Genuine Old Barn Siding on a Wyoming Guest Ranch

Genuine Old Barn Siding on a Wyoming Guest Ranch

We have great news to share with you! We’ve opened a yard in Washington state! Pacific Northwest Timbers, LLC, the newborn sister company to Crossroads Recycled Lumber, LLC, is up and running at 130 Seton Road in Port Townsend, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. Click Here for Seattle Area Reclaimed Wood.


The new yard has a sawmill and edger in place as well as moulding capability. You can reach Pacific Northwest Timbers at (360) 379-2792 for an appointment, or contact the Crossroads yard in Central California at the information at the bottom of this e-mail. Before visiting either yard please call for an appointment to be sure that we’ll be able to accommodate you. We look forward to meeting your reclaimed lumber needs in the Northwest!


Now that the news is out about our new yard, we’d love to tell you about one of our reclaimed specialties: Barn Siding. Old Barn Siding is one of the most popular reclaimed products for folks trying to foster a rustic character in their building. Barn Siding can vary greatly in species, color, and quality.

Here at Crossroads Recycled Lumber we offer both Genuine Old Barn Siding just as it came off the barn, as well as Recreated Barn Siding that we craft using specialized processes. Old Barn Siding can be inconsistent in dimension, color and texture while the Recreated Barn Siding provides a consistent dimension and patina with the countrified spirit you may be seeking.


Recreated Barn Siding is resawn from old boards and/or beams and then receives one or more stages of millwork. Usually it is at least wire brushed. Your Recreated Barn Siding can be edged, tongue and grooved or shiplapped, and also have relief grooves on the backside to deter cupping.


Our 15 Horsepower Wire Brushing Machine At Work

Our 15 Horsepower Wire Brushing Machine At Work

We prefer wire brushing to sandblasting because brushing polishes wood, creating a luster, while leaving the old color and texture. Sandblasting tends to dull the finish and uses more inherent energy (eg. diesel power and sand). We’ve spent years perfecting a big wire brush machine and everyone seems to appreciate the luster of the brushed look.


Our brush machine was originally a piano buffing machine for polishing large pieces of wood. We converted the feedworks, had a 10″-diameter by 36″-wide spiral brush specially made and now have a variable speed, reversing drive that can wirebrush pieces up to 15″ deep and 36″ wide!


Pricing for our Barn Siding varies depending on the quality of material and what milling we do. Genuine Barn Siding ranges between $2.00-$3.50 for Douglas Fir and Western Pines, and $3.00 and up for Redwood. Recreated Barn Siding varies the most because of the labor.


Wire Brushed Recreated Pine Barn Siding

Wire Brushed Recreated Pine Barn Siding

Recreated Douglas Fir and Western Pine Barn Siding can range between $3.50 and $7.50 per square foot, while Redwood is $5.00 per square foot and up. Recreated Barn Siding varies the most because of the extra labor and milling.


Barn Siding is a specialty of ours. Either with authentic or recreated Barn Siding, we’re delighted to be able to provide the beautiful rustic character that many of our customers are seeking when they pursue reclaimed lumber. To see more examples of what we can do with Barn Siding, take a gander at our Barn Wood page!


Thanks very much,


The Crossroads Lumber Team


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