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Beautiful Reclaimed Western Yellow Pine

Wire-Brushed 1X6 Ponderosa Pine Ship-Lap

Wire-Brushed 1X6 Ponderosa Pine Ship-Lap

The Summer of 2009 has treated us well here at Crossroads Recycled Lumber. With our planer-matcher up and running Crossroads can now mill our own tongue and groove, ship-lap, paneling patterns, as well as surface 8″X16″ timbers, all with the same machine. We’re very excited about this addition that greatly increases Crossroads’ capabilities!

In our inaugural Crossroads Newsletter this month, we’d like to share with you a bit about our Western Yellow Pine (also called “Knotty Pine”) out of Tracy, California. Western Yellow Pine is not to be confused with Southern Yellow Pine, which is a much harder, denser East Coast wood.

Western Yellow pines are the most prevalent pine species in the Central Sierra Nevada, made up of Ponderosa Pine at lower elevations and Jeffrey Pine above 3,500 feet. Historic homesteads across the American West are full of Western Yellow pine ceiling and siding material as well as cabin and barn wood.

The Majestic Jeffrey Pine

The Majestic Jeffrey Pine

Some of our Western Yellow pine stock was deconstructed from the Tracy Defense Depot, which was a sub-depot of the California Quartermaster depot of Oakland during World War II. As roofing in the Army Depot, these boards covered food, medical supplies, and other essential materials on their way to troops and installations in the U.S. and the Pacific overseas combat areas.

This salvaged tongue & groove pine probably went unnoticed in the high ceilings of the huge, old Army warehouses, but when it’s cleared of nails and remilled, these beautiful boards are often the showpieces in a home or business. The yellow-blonde pine wood, contrasted by rich brown tight knots makes beautiful wall or ceiling paneling, wainscoting, or soft flooring. Keep in mind that as a floor this Western Softwood is likely to dent and scuff with use. Some people love this effect and will intentionally mark up the floor. There’s a story of a rancher who walked horses over his new pine wood for a Pioneer Flooring effect.

Finished Knotty Pine Flooring in a Residential Setting

Finished Knotty Pine Flooring in a Residential Setting

To make flooring and paneling we remill this stock to either 5/8″ or 3/4″ thick X 4-1/2″, 6-1/2″, 8-1/2″ or 10-1/2″ wide, run to Tongue & Groove or Shiplap patterns. We can also cut old-fashioned pine paneling patterns; Beveled Edge, V-Center, Channel Rustic, etc. Cost of these products ranges from $4.50 to $6.50 per square foot, depending on grade, pattern and quantity ordered. While experimenting we’ve found that wire-brushing the old face of this wood lets an absolutely awesome color and texture shine through. Wire brushing is an extra $0.50 per square foot.

Imagine recycled eco-friendly knotty pine lining the walls, ceiling, or floor of your next project. Send us an e-mail or give us a call and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.

Thanks very much,

Sophie Carrillo-Mandel

Sustainability & Outreach Manager

Crossroads Recycled Lumber

We are a small company and proud of our work. Thank you for making responsible choices in building materials.

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  • Unfinished Ponderosa Pine FlooringKnotty Pine Raw Stock
  • Albuquerque Home Finished Knotty Pine FlooringKnotty Pine Finished
  • Albuquerque Home Finished Knotty Pine FlooringKnotty Pine Finished


Siding & Paneling

  • Ponderosa Pine Recycled Paneling 11″x8″ V-Bevel
    Ponderosa Pine Paneling
  • Ponderosa Pine Recycled Paneling 2Ponderosa Pine Remilled 1×8 V-Groove. This pine in our office has a non-toxic Low VOC oil wax finish.
  • Ponderosa Pine Recycled Paneling 2Note ‘Channel Rustic’ Lap Pattern on Right Side
  • Ponderosa Pine Recycled Paneling 21″x 6″ Brushed Shiplap
    Ponderosa Pine
  • Ponderosa Pine Recycled Paneling 2Brushed Shiplap 1×5
    Freshly Resawn Spruce, Left
    Old Patina Pine, Right
  • Wire Brushed Recreated Pine Barnwood SidingWire Brushed Recreated Pine Barnwood Siding


Old Barn Wood

  • Ponderosa Pine Old Barn WoodOld Look Barn Wood
    Ponderosa Pine
  • Wire Brushed Ponderosa PineOld Look Barn Wood Wire
    Ponderosa Pine


Other Yellow Pine Inventory:

  • V-Groove PineV-Groove Ponderosa Pine
  • Old Face Ponderosa Pine 1x12Old Face Ponderosa Pine 1×12
  • Ponderosa Pine Smooth Two SidesPonderosa Pine Smooth Two Sides
  • Wide Plank Jeffrey PineWide Plank Jeffrey Pine
  • Unfinished Ponderosa Pine FlooringUnfinished Ponderosa Pine Flooring
  • Wire Brushed Two By Jeffrey PineWire Brushed 2x Jeffrey Pine
  • T&G V-Groove Pine Paneling with Redwood AboveT&G V-Groove Pine Paneling with Redwood Above
  • Remilled Ponderosa PineRemilled Ponderosa Pine
  • Pine PanelingPine Paneling
  • Remilled Ponderosa Pine Tongue and GrooveRemilled Ponderosa Pine Tongue and Groove
  • Ponderosa PinePonderosa Pine
  • Rustic Jeffrey Pine with Filled SeamsRustic Jeffrey Pine with Filled Seams

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