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CRL customers Nelson Treehouse & Supply featured in ABQ!

Sunday, July 10th, 2016

Check out our friends and customers at Nelson Treehouse and Supply (from Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters), featured in the latest issue of American Builder’s Quarterly!

Viking Boat Carved from Salvaged Sugar Pine

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

From our friend in Port Townsend, Ron Myhre, who carved the prow of this beautiful Sugar Pine Viking Boat:

“…it was a one-off happening in San Diego for the epic series The Vikings on the History channel. Took place on the roof of a hotel in San Diego during Comic-con 2013 transforming the rooftop into a Viking Village to celebrate the first season of The Vikings for the cast and crew.”

Kudos and credits to Master and Commander Jay Smith (Aspoya Boatworks) Anacortes, WA, traditional Norwegian Boatbuilder and project manager, Dan Packard, Port Townsend,WA, and carver, woodworker, Jack -of-all-trades, Ron Myhre, friend of Pacific Northwest Timbers and Crossroads Lumber.

“Ron is in training in the Norske tradition, the 26th generation to the Kings throne of Norvay, Ronaldo Johannes Myhre. Marc Mandel, world renowned purveyor of all things wood, supplied the much favored wood of choice for this project, Sugar Pine.”

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