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Reclaimed Redwood

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

The California Redwoods: Earth’s Tallest Trees

Quality Wood
Named for its uniquely rich hue, Reclaimed Redwood is sought after for internal paneling projects to show off the deep varying shades of earthy red. Striking as it is inside, Redwood is also valued for external siding not only for it’s appearance, but also because it is rot-resistant.

Most of our Redwood stock was cut from old growth Redwood trees; you can see it in the tightness of the wood’s grain. Logging of old growth Redwoods has been tremendously reduced, and this recycled material simply cannot be matched by new wood.

Our Inventory
Crossroads’ salvage Redwood stock is very diverse, from tank wood that is clear and makes perfect lumber (with the exception of some occasional iron oxide staining), to our Redwood “Pitwood” that is very rough. We also have Redwood timbers salvaged from the demolition of Pacific Lumber Company’s Mill B in Scotia, California that are a bit rough but can be sawn into very nice stock with some big bolt holes with black stain.


Reclaimed Wood from the Pit

Friday, August 20th, 2010


10"X10"X18' Douglas Fir "Pit Wood"

10″X10″X18′ Douglas Fir “Pit Wood”

Our company keeps growing and improving! Last month Pacific Northwest Timbers, our new yard in Port Townsend, Washington, was officially certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Crossroads has always provided reclaimed lumber as an eco-friendly building material and plans to soon be FSC certified.  For Pacific Northwest Timbers, FSC Chain of Custody Certification is a verification that our post-consumer and post-industrial products help to protect the world’s forests.  We are proud to be a part of this organization that encourages responsible forest management.  You can learn more about the Forest Stewardship Council at

This month we’re featuring wood from a unique source. We have been affectionately calling the material “Pit Wood,” because it is being excavated from a mud pit 80 feet wide and 1,400 feet long! This Redwood and Douglas Fir was a wooden platform at a cattle feed plant built in the 1930’s.


Antique Genuine and Recreated Barn Siding

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
Genuine Old Barn Siding on a Wyoming Guest Ranch

Genuine Old Barn Siding on a Wyoming Guest Ranch

We have great news to share with you! We’ve opened a yard in Washington state! Pacific Northwest Timbers, LLC, the newborn sister company to Crossroads Recycled Lumber, LLC, is up and running at 130 Seton Road in Port Townsend, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. Click Here for Seattle Area Reclaimed Wood.


The new yard has a sawmill and edger in place as well as moulding capability. You can reach Pacific Northwest Timbers at (360) 379-2792 for an appointment, or contact the Crossroads yard in Central California at the information at the bottom of this e-mail. Before visiting either yard please call for an appointment to be sure that we’ll be able to accommodate you. We look forward to meeting your reclaimed lumber needs in the Northwest!


Now that the news is out about our new yard, we’d love to tell you about one of our reclaimed specialties: Barn Siding. Old Barn Siding is one of the most popular reclaimed products for folks trying to foster a rustic character in their building. Barn Siding can vary greatly in species, color, and quality.