Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Reclaimed Wood FloorOur flooring is remanufactured either from reclaimed planks and beams, or reused ‘as is’ from old buildings. Flooring grades depend on the quality of wood received from each deconstruction project.

Your installer will have to trim ends on all floors over 6″ wide and on random pieces on floors under 6″ wide.

Reclaimed wood flooring comes in standard widths of 3″, 4½”, 6″ & 8½”. Wideplank Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine 9″ and wider is available. We specialize in Wideplank Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine and can specialty mill wide plank flooring.  Contact us for details.

We also have several units of “Ready-to-go” flooring, available as-is at a reduced price.  Click here for the list!

Reclaimed Wood Flooring Notes:

With the exception of tight vertical grain Douglas Fir rarely will any two of our reclaimed floors look exactly alike. Your reclaimed wood flooring is hand picked and graded after it’s been run to pattern. If you desire a particular look such as many or few nail holes, larger or smaller knots, black oxidation marks, etc. please call for accommodation. All of our flooring ships unfinished.

Our Reclaimed Wood Flooring is Available in the following Species and Grades:

  • Douglas Fir
    • Mid Grade
    • High Grade
    • Vertical Grain
  • Ponderosa Knotty Pine
  • Maple

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Douglas Fir Flooring


Mid Grade S4S

a) Remilled S4S: Newly milled faces all four sides. Run through our moulder resurfacing 4 sides. T&G and Relieved back.
b) Old Patina: Same spec as S4S, except one face, the finish face, is the original surface, or “old patina”. The 3 other sides are remilled with new Tongue and Groove and Relieved back.

Flat and mixed grain. Random nail holes usually with black oxide markings around nail holes. See photos. Tight knots may be up to 1/3 width of boards. May contain an occasional knothole, some boards may have short splits. Best to order 10 – 15% extra. Option available for mixed species.


High Grade

Flat and mixed grain. Few nail holes in floors 6″ and under. Wider floors often show more nail holes. High grade floors may have tight knots up to 1/4 the width of the board. Order about 5% extra. Note: High Grade can also be ordered in Old Patina.


Vertical Grain

Same as high grade specs but has 100% vertical grain. May contain occasional tight knots 3/4″ or less which installer has the option to trim out. To some a Clear Vertical Grain floor may look better with an occasional knot or nail hole to break up the perfection, however if you prefer an absolutely pristine floor please contact us for availability. If you have measured correctly you need not order any extra, however most of our clients order 2 to 5% extra.


Ponderosa Knotty Pine Flooring

Top Left photo is of 3/4″ x 9 ¼” x 15′ mid grade Knotty Pine Flooring. Very beautiful wood. Keep in mind this Western Softwood will sustain dents and scuff marks. Some people love this affect and will intentionally markup the floor. There’s a story of a rancher who walked horses over his floor for a Pioneer flooring effect. This material is also great for Knotty Pine Paneling, Ceiling Paneling, Wainscoting. Bottom row left is the Michael & Juanita Robinson Residence, Fresno California (Photo by Michael) Installation by Stott Builders of North Fork California.


Reclaimed Maple Flooring

Maple Flooring comes and goes around here, contact us about availability.  Photos 2, 3 and 5 though 11 by Michael Olwyler, 2009. You can see more photos of the project here.

Michael has some reclaimed wood floors installation tips to share:

  • Without adequate experience, have someone with experience install it.
  • The wood is a bit brittle, and will chip and fracture some. But that also will give the floor more character.
  • There will be gaps between some of the boards. Again, that’s part of its character.
  • It will likely take longer to install than expected and the right tools for cutting are essential.
  • The boards will need considerable sanding, but, oh my!…what a floor!
  • Once sanded the variety of grain makes this an incredible floor and it will probably be the centerpiece of the new part of the house.

Installation by Seth Waltner, Cornerstone Custom Construction Inc.,

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