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Reclaimed Timbers, Reclaimed Wood Flooring, Siding and Paneling, Old Barn Wood, Antique Wood Mantel Pieces, Reclaimed Wood Doors, Counter Top Slabs and Trim and Mouldings.

Crossroads Recycled Lumber has an extensive reclaimed wood inventory for your construction projects.

For new construction, restoration, and remodeling – anything from a home or commercial building to a government or public works project- we can supply many of your reclaimed lumber needs.

Browse our available products using the links at the left.  Please note that wood comes and goes almost daily around here.  The inventory listed below may or may not be available at this time, but represents the range and type of reclaimed lumber products we carry. Call us to inquire about availability at 559-877-3645 or toll-free 1-888-842-3201.


Reclaimed Timbers and Other Inventory

  • Assorted Douglas Fir, Red Cedar and RedwoodAssorted Douglas Fir, Red Cedar & Redwood
  • Doug Fir 8x14x20 Reclaimed Wood BeamsDouglas Fir
    Military Warehouses
  • Reclaimed Douglas Fir Timbers 12x18x16'Douglas Fir
    Seattle Water Front Building
  • Reclaimed Western Red Cedar TimbersWestern Red Cedar Timbers
    Sawmill Deconstruction British Columbia
  • Doug Fir 4x12x20 Reclaimed Wood BeamsDouglas Fir
  • Douglas Fir 8x8 Reclaimed TimbersDouglas Fir
  • Re-sawn 30 footersDouglas Fir
    Re-sawn 30-footers
  • Rough Sawn 3x12x16 Reclaimed Wood LumberDouglas Fir Roughsawn
    3x12x16′ to 18′
    Oakland Flea Market
  • Oakland Cable Car 12x12Doug Fir 12×12 to 30′
    Oakland Cable Car System. Underground Over 110 Years
  • 10x13Douglas Fir 10x14x15
    San Francisco Warehouse
  • 12x15x15Douglas Fir 12x16x15
    San Francisco Warehouse
  • 1x12 by 11 foot Ponderosa Pine 12X24X32 Douglas Fir
  • 2x6 Decking2×6 Doug Fir Tongue and Groove Decking
    Port of Oakland
  • 12x18x16 Del Monte San Jose CaliforniaDoug Fir 12x18x16
    from Del Monte Cannery San Jose California
  • Douglas Fir 10x12x24 to 30 Douglas Fir
    10x12x24′ to 30′
    Sugar Pine Lumber Company
  • 4x12x22 Port of OaklandDoug Fir 4x12x22′
    Port of Oakland
  • Mantles or MantelsRaw Stock for Mantels, Mantelpieces aka Mantles
  • Doug Fir 8x12x8' to 26'Doug Fir
    8x12x8′ to 26′
  • Rough Sawn Doug Fir 6x8x16' to 20'Doug Fir Rough Sawn 6x8x16′ to 20′
  • Cant of Blue Stain Sugar PineBlue Stain Pine Cants
  • 3x12 from San Quentin HospitalDoug Fir 3x12x8′ to 24′
    San Quentin Hospital
  • 10x10 and 10x14 15 to 18 from San Quentin Hospital Deconstruction10×10, 10x14x15′ to 18′ San Quentin Hospital
  • 3x36x16 Sugar Pine SlabSugar Pine Slab 3x36x16′
    Standing Dead
  • Reclaimed Teak from IndonesiaReclaimed
    Indonesian Teak
  • Indonesian Teak ReclaimedReclaimed
    Indonesian Teak
  • Trucking Dead and Standing Sugar PineTrucking Standing Dead Blue Stain Sugar Pine
  • Bandsawn Indonesian MahoganyBandsawn Indonesian Mahogany from Monsoon Blowdown Salvage
  • Milling Giant Mahogany TimberMilling Giant Mahogany Blowdown Timber
  • Red Mahogany CantsIndonesian Red Mahogany Cants from Monsoon Blowdown Forest Floor Salvage
  • Pine Before ResawPine Before Resaw
  • Ponderosa Pine Before ResawingPonderosa Pine Before Resawing
  • Resawn Ponderosa Pine TimbersResawn Ponderosa Pine Timbers
  • Resawn Ponderosa Pine TimbersResawn Ponderosa Pine Timbers
  • Red Mahogany CantsV-Groove Pine
  • Circle Sawn RedwoodCircle Sawn Redwood
  • Gray Redwood 1x12Gray Redwood 1×12
  • Resawn RedwoodResawn Redwood
  • Resawn Redwood TimbersResawn Redwood Timbers
  • Old Face Ponderosa Pine 1x12Old Face Ponderosa Pine 1×12
  • Ponderosa Pine Smooth Two SidesPonderosa Pine Smooth Two Sides
  • Wide Plank Jeffrey PineWide Plank Jeffrey Pine
  • Unfinished Ponderosa Pine FlooringUnfinished Ponderosa Pine Flooring
  • Wire Brushed Two By Jeffrey PineWire Brushed 2x Jeffrey Pine
  • T&G V-Groove Pine Paneling with Redwood AboveT&G V-Groove Pine Paneling with Redwood Above
  • Remilled Ponderosa PineRemilled Ponderosa Pine
  • Whitewashed PineWhitewashed Pine
  • Pine PanelingPine Paneling
  • Remilled Ponderosa Pine Tongue and GrooveRemilled Ponderosa Pine Tongue and Groove
  • Ponderosa PinePonderosa Pine
  • Rustic Jeffrey Pine with Filled SeamsRustic Jeffrey Pine with Filled Seams
  • Sugar Pine Reclaimed TimbersSugar Pine Reclaimed Timbers
  • Rough Face 4 by 12 Pine BeamsRough Face 4 by 12 Pine Beams
  • Smooth Side 4 by 12 Ponderosa Pine Reclaimed BeamsSmooth Side 4 by 12 Ponderosa Pine Reclaimed Beams
  • 4 x 12 Ponderosa Pine Beams4 x 12 Ponderosa Pine Beams
  • Ponderosa Pine Barn WoodPonderosa Pine Barn Wood
  • Ponderosa Pine 1x12 with White PaintPonderosa Pine 1×12 with White Paint
  • Ponderosa Pine Brushed EndsPonderosa Pine Brushed Ends
  • Old Ponderosa Pine One by TwelveOld Ponderosa Pine One by Twelve
  • Painted Pine Barn SidingPainted Pine Barn Siding
  • Redwood Barn SidingRedwood Barn Siding
  • Gray Redwood Gray Redwood
    Barn Siding
  • Cedar SidingCedar Siding
  • Resawn Red CedarResawn Red Cedar
  • Red Cedar PanelingRed Cedar Paneling
  • Redwood Barn Siding 1x10x9'Redwood Barn Siding 1x10x9′
  • 1x12 Barn Wood Siding1×12 Barn Wood Siding
  • Cedar 1x12Cedar 1×12
  • Cedar Miscellaneous ThicknessCedar Various Thickness
  • 12'x12'x30' to 40' 12″x12″x30′ to 40′
    Red Cedar Beams
  • Cedar SidingCedar Siding
  • SpruceSpruce
  • Western Hemlock PanelingWestern Hemlock Paneling
  • Ponderosa Pine PanelingPonderosa Pine
  • Vertical Grain Doug Fir PanelingVertical Grain
    Douglas Fir Paneling
  • Redwood PanelingRedwood Paneling
  • 1x12 by 11 foot Ponderosa Pine 1×12 by 11 foot Ponderosa Pine
  • 1x12 by 11 foot Ponderosa Pine California Warehouse
  • 1x12 by 11 foot Ponderosa Pine 12x24x32 Doug Fir


Ship Timbers

Reclaimed Lumber Ship Timbers

Call 888-842-3201 for Pricing.

Tally is as follows:

1 – 18x18x33 SOLD 1 – 20x20x30 SOLD
1 – 18x18x21 SOLD 1 – 22x22x26
1 – 18x18x24 1 – 24x24x14 SOLD
1 – 18x18x26 SOLD 3 – 24x24x24 SOLD
1 – 20x20x24 1 – 24x24x30 SOLD
1 – 20x20x26 1 – 24x24x31 SOLD
1 – 20x20x28 SOLD


Ship Timbers at Pacific Northwest Timbers:

18X18X20′ (PNT) 20X20X35’4″ (PNT)
18X18X20’3″ (PNT) 20X20X35’9″ (PNT)
18X18X20’8″ (PNT) 20X20X40′ (PNT)
18X18X21’3″ (PNT) 20X20X22’7″ (PNT)
18X18X22’4″ (PNT) 22X22X22′ (PNT)
18X18X23’5″ (PNT) 24X24X38’11” (PNT)
18X18X24’8″ (PNT)
18X18X30″ (PNT)  
18X18X41′ (PNT)



Read the fascinating story behind our reclaimed ship timbers…

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