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Click Reclaimed Lumber Seattle or Reclaimed Wood Seattle for our sister company Pacific Northwest Timbers serving the greater Seattle area.

Reclaimed Timbers, Reclaimed Wood Flooring, Siding and Paneling, Old Barn Wood, Antique Wood Mantel Pieces, Reclaimed Wood Doors, Counter Top Slabs and Trim and Mouldings.

Crossroads Recycled Lumber has an extensive reclaimed wood inventory for your construction projects.

For new construction, restoration, and remodeling – anything from a home or commercial building to a government or public works project- we can supply many of your reclaimed lumber needs.

Browse our available products using the Products link at the top of this page.  Please note that wood comes and goes almost daily around here.  The inventory listed below may or may not be available at this time, but represents the range and type of reclaimed lumber products we carry. Call us to inquire about availability at 559-877-3645 or toll-free 1-888-842-3201.


Reclaimed Timbers and Other Inventory


Ship Timbers

Reclaimed Lumber Ship Timbers

Call 888-842-3201 for Pricing.

Tally is as follows:

1 – 18x18x33 SOLD 1 – 20x20x30 SOLD
1 – 18x18x21 SOLD 1 – 22x22x26
1 – 18x18x24 1 – 24x24x14 SOLD
1 – 18x18x26 SOLD 3 – 24x24x24 SOLD
1 – 20x20x24 1 – 24x24x30 SOLD
1 – 20x20x26 1 – 24x24x31 SOLD
1 – 20x20x28 SOLD


Ship Timbers at Pacific Northwest Timbers:

18X18X20′ (PNT) 20X20X35’4″ (PNT)
18X18X20’3″ (PNT) 20X20X35’9″ (PNT)
18X18X20’8″ (PNT) 20X20X40′ (PNT)
18X18X21’3″ (PNT) 20X20X22’7″ (PNT)
18X18X22’4″ (PNT) 22X22X22′ (PNT)
18X18X23’5″ (PNT) 24X24X38’11” (PNT)
18X18X24’8″ (PNT)
18X18X30″ (PNT)  
18X18X41′ (PNT)



Read the fascinating story behind our reclaimed ship timbers…

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