Reclaimed Wood Siding and Paneling

Our interior paneling and exterior siding products can be used indoors or outdoors. For outdoor use some species will require special weatherproofing with an exterior sealer, paint or stain. Click here to see Rustic Barn Siding and Old Barn Wood.

Patterns you see such as Shiplap, Tongue and Groove, Channel Rustic etc can be milled in any species we have in stock.  If you have an idea for a particular siding or paneling, we can work with you to manufacture a special pattern to your specifications.

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Split Decking

Old Patina Exterior Siding and Interior Wall & Ceiling Paneling

Douglas Fir Paneling & Ceiling Stock

11/16″ x 5″ & 7″ Coverage Brushed Old Patina

Split decking starts as 2 inch thick Douglas Fir split to 1x. Nets 11/16″ thick x 5″ & 7″ wide coverage. Random lengths 4′ to 18′, mostly 8′ to 14′ Resawn one face, other face is old patina original surface.

You can see in the photos the fit is not precise as it has not been re-milled on the edges. It has a thick overlap and thin underlap and for walls and ceilings installs easily and looks great.

Douglas Fir Shiplap Paneling and Ceiling Stock

5/8″ x 4 1/4″ Coverage Reversible With Freshly Milled Shiplap Pattern

Here is the same Douglas Fir 2×6 T&G that we resawed to 1x, ran through the matcher and put on a fresh shiplap with the old face on one side and a newly planed face on the other side. The planed side looks generally better than the photos show as far as quality. Material is 5/8″ thick and coverage is approx 4 1/4″ wide, random lengths 4′ to 16′ with some possibly longer. Other options include sorting for more clear stock, sorting for VG, One Resawn Face, One Planed Face, etc. This can be done with any species. Contact us for pricing and other possibilities.

What’s The Difference Between The Two?

They both were milled from the same 2×6 T&G. The 11/16″ x 5″ is a bit thicker and wider because we haven’t milled it any further than simply resawing 2×6 T&G down the center. The cover lap is very thin and slightly inconsistent but works fine on a ceiling or wall. The 5/8″ x 4 1/4″ has a freshly milled back face and also a freshly milled shiplap for a new factory fit. That is why it is a bit thinner and narrower. This remilled product is also reversible.

Douglas Fir

Redwood & Western Red Cedar

Redwood and Western Red Cedar are the most weather resistant of Western Softwoods. They are excellent for exterior use and make beautiful interior paneling as well.

Western Hemlock

Ponderosa Pine

Rescued Local Pine

Miscellaneous Paneling

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