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FOR SALE: Saw Blades for Art or Display

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Large bandsaw blades from the old North Fork Mill
(8) 8″ wide X 25′-6″ long 1-1/4 tooth spray
(4) 6″ X 27′ long 1-3/4 tooth spray
These are for display only – not for equipment use. We can cut to order.

$150 each


bandsawantiques2013-11-24 23.11.24

2013-11-24 23.12.30


Big Timbers from Forks, Washington

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

At Crossroads we often document the historical origin of our material. It can be a challenging task to get an accurate history about structures and businesses that have been dismantled. We recently had an order for one of our large timbers from furniture maker William Stranger.  William was thrilled with the beauty of the wood and wanted to know its story.

Russ Gammon, Marc Mandel, & John Hunt

Russ Gammon (IGL) Marc Mandel (CRL) and John Hunt at a McMillan Bloedell Sawmill teardown in Port Alberni, BC 1996

In this case, Marc Mandel, owner of Crossroads, was the perfect data source. When asked about the history of the lumber he responded from memory,

“That 12x18x24’ Fir timber has an interesting story.  It originally came from Forks, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula.  We called the wood the “Forks Clear”.  In 1995, a friend in the reclaimed wood business, John Hunt (ReTech Wood Products) was hiking in the woods and spotted some old mossy logs that loggers had left long ago. (more…)

Video: Reclaimed Tongue and Groove Flooring off our new Weinig Moulder

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Our Reclaimed Lumber Mill featured in Wood-Mizer Way Magazine!

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Crossroads was featured in Wood-Mizer Way Magazine #70, in the article “Reclaiming the Past.”

An excerpt from the story:

“Forests fell and, sometimes, men died, in producing that lumber,” [Marc Mandel] says. “Workers invested their lives and skills manufacturing it. It seems wrong to waste the labor and energy of the past when we can, today, reuse the wood to provide continued benefit to our community.”


Click here to read about our humble beginnings in reclaimed wood, and our commitment to salvage historic lumber in the WoodMizer Way article “Reclaiming the Past”.

Wood-Mizer Way Magazine

Wood-Mizer Way Magazine

Video: Resawing 2X6 Doug Fir at Crossroads Lumber

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Check out our guys Merkell and Ray as they resaw nominal 2X6 Douglas Fir Tongue & Groove into 1X6 Ship-Lap for the Blossom Hill Whole Foods in San Jose, CA.  Our wire-brushed old patina 2X6 has been very popular in the last year!