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We Are Now FSC Certified!

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014
"The FSC trademarks provide a guarantee to consumers that the products they buy come from responsible sources" -Forest Stewardship Council

“The FSC trademarks provide a guarantee to consumers that the products they buy come from responsible sources” -Forest Stewardship Council

2013 was a fantastic year for Crossroads Recycled Lumber.  We finally were able to shake the drag of the shattered economy, and our investment in infrastructure and marketing over the last two years really paid off.  One of the more exciting new developments here is that Crossroads is now certified by the Forest Stewardship CouncilTM!

What Is FSC Certification?
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization that helps consumers protect the world’s forests by providing certification that sourcing for lumber products is environmentally appropriate, socially responsible, and economically viable for the world’s forests and the communities that depend on them.  FSC certifies forests, as well as vendors of forest products down the “chain of custody,” from lumber yards to paper mills.

What changes does FSC certification mean for Crossroads’ business practices?  Just a lot more paperwork for our office staff!  Crossroads Recycled Lumber has been providing lumber products that surpass the FSC standards since we began in 1981. But for our customers, FSC certification is a third party guarantee of our dedication to preservation and sustainable forestry.  And lumber certified as FSC Recycled garners twice the LEED points as regular FSC. (more…)

Big Timbers from Forks, Washington

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

At Crossroads we often document the historical origin of our material. It can be a challenging task to get an accurate history about structures and businesses that have been dismantled. We recently had an order for one of our large timbers from furniture maker William Stranger.  William was thrilled with the beauty of the wood and wanted to know its story.

Russ Gammon, Marc Mandel, & John Hunt

Russ Gammon (IGL) Marc Mandel (CRL) and John Hunt at a McMillan Bloedell Sawmill teardown in Port Alberni, BC 1996

In this case, Marc Mandel, owner of Crossroads, was the perfect data source. When asked about the history of the lumber he responded from memory,

“That 12x18x24’ Fir timber has an interesting story.  It originally came from Forks, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula.  We called the wood the “Forks Clear”.  In 1995, a friend in the reclaimed wood business, John Hunt (ReTech Wood Products) was hiking in the woods and spotted some old mossy logs that loggers had left long ago. (more…)

“Recycled wood: the truly green key to a sustainable built environment”

Monday, November 19th, 2012
Doug Fir beams

Douglas Fir beams salvaged from the old North Fork Mill

The Britsh news website, The Guardian mentioned our company in an excellent article on recycling lumber. According to journalist Leon Kaye’s research…

Of the approximate 70m tons of wood sent to landfill annually, the US government estimates 30m tons of it could have been reused…. But while aluminium, glass, paper and plastic are often culled for recycling from construction sites prior to final disposal, wood is overlooked and is about 17% of the waste that ends up in municipal dumps.

Check out Leon Kaye’s article “Recycled wood: the truly green key to a sustainable built environment”




“Remaking the Way We Make Things”

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

‎”The question before us is not growth versus no growth, It is: what would good growth look like? And this is a question of intent, of design. What if we grow health instead of sickness, home ownership instead of indigence, education instead of ignorance?” -Architect William McDonough


William McDonough is one of our favorite authors/visionaries here at Crossroads.   Read about his book Cradle to Cradle, and we highly recommend watching his movie, The Next Industrial Revolution.

The Many Faces of Reclaimed Wood

Thursday, December 8th, 2011
A very informative article about the sources and definitions of Reclaimed Wood, from!

The term “reclaimed wood” is used all the time, but it means different things in different settings. 

Sustainable Architecture

Sunday, November 6th, 2011
Sustainable Architecture

Nice Example of Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture Materials

Architects, Planners, and Builders, Crossroads Recycled Lumber LLC is a resaw and planing mill in Central California.  Promoting sustainability has been a central tenet of our business since its foundation in 1981, and we are actively seeking professionals advancing sustainability through their work.

Crossroads provides quality old growth lumber, timbers, flooring and finish materials to homes and commercial projects.

Keep us in mind as a source for recycled materials in your next LEED-certified, or otherwise ecologically-conscious project.

Please consider sustainable building materials for your projects.

Browse our site for more information, and call or email with any questions you have about our reclaimed wood products.


Reclaimed Lumber vs. FSC Certified

Monday, September 14th, 2009

A California architect wrote to us asking how “the cost of recycled lumber compares to [Forest Stewardship Council] certified lumber.” Below is Marc’s answer.

Generally reclaimed costs more than conventional and FSC lumber primarily because of the labor involved in the recycling process. This includes:

  1. Saving the lumber from demolition/construction projects
  2. Cleaning the lumber (it can be full of nails and other objects like hangers, electrical conduit, tar paper etc, all of which needs to be cleaned and sorted)
  3. Remilling the boards and any finishing required