Rescued Local Pine

Drought, insects, and fires are creating an epidemic Pine die off in the Central Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Creating beautiful finished lumber from these trees, is the best and most environmentally sound use of standing dead Pine.

Recent US Forest Service and CAL FIRE surveys, predict that by summer of 2016, 70 to 80 percent of our local pine trees will be dead from Western Pine Beetles. The die off is so huge, the amount of material that is rescued to make lumber, represents less than 1 percent of the die off.

Finished Product from Rescued Local Pine

Finished lumber from local Standing Dead Ponderosa and Sugar Pine is most commonly used for siding and paneling. When high durability is not required, occasionally this Western Pine softwood is used for flooring.

Using this beautiful material will enhance your home or business and is environmentally responsible at the same time.

Blue Stained Rescued Pine

Blue Stained Pine

Blue Stained Pine

Rescued Pine often develops a blue streaking that makes beautiful paneling with depth of color. Ponderosa Pine has a golden yellow color. Sugar Pine has a creamier color.

Rescued Pine lumber may contain one sixteenth to a quarter inch oblong holes where the Pine Beetles entered the tree.

Small to large darker knots may be present. Clear lumber is also available.

Rescued Pine has a lower price per square foot than our other recycled lumber.

Dead & Standing Pine


Ponderosa Pine Die Off from Western Pine Beetle & Drought


Western Pine Beetle Kill

Severe drought conditions in our Sierra Nevada Mountains, are leaving many of our local trees weak and stressed, perfect hosts for the Western Bark Beetle.

This epidemic is escalating so quickly, it seems a new patch of brown appears on our once perfect mountains daily. Many local residents are cutting down their standing dead trees to reduce the risk of fire.

Wildfire Kill


Charred on the outside, but intact on the inside, these burnt pine and cedar logs can make great lumber.

Last summer (2014) there were four substantial wildfires near our town of North Fork. (The State of the Sierra Nevada’s Forests Click to download PDF.)

These burned trees become secondary hazards. Once dead they rot. Limbs or whole trees can then fall. Especially near homes and structures this poses a risk to life and property.

Because these standing burned trees will eventually rot and fall, timely removal for use as lumber makes good environmental sense.

Taking Action

These dead trees (if left standing or on the ground) can propel a routine forest fire into a high intensity wildfire that causes severe devastation.

Crossroads Recycled Lumber (CRL) has taken action to procure these logs for lumber, before they rot and turn in to wildfire fuel.

We here at CRL feel that this is the most environmentally appropriate action to take, and call the lumber from these trees “rescued”.

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